TA-I Technology



Listed companies shall abide by the operational philosophies of honesty, transparency and responsibility, base policies on the principle of good faith and obtain approval from the board of directors, and establish good corporate governance and risk control and management mechanism so as to create an operational environment for sustainable development.

Conflict Minerals Policy

TA-I is committed and ensure that the metals used in TA-I products are not Conflict Metals which are Tin(Sn), Tungsten(W), Gold(Au) , Tantalum(Ta), Cobalt(Co), Mica, Copper(Cu), Nickel(Ni), Zinc(Zn), and ask our suppliers to do the followings:

  • Conduct its operations in a way of social and environmental responsibility.
  • Not to use the "conflict minerals" originating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries.
  • Make the same requirement to upstream suppliers.

Employee Ethics Policy

Comply with the EICC Code of Conduct (by the "Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition" (EICC) ) and  SA8000 international standards of social responsibility, Ensure to maintaining good corporate management,  and to insist on business ethics, labor rights, health and safety, and the environment basic standards.