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Getting the Patent from Taiwan Intellectual Property Office

MAR 12 2020


  1. Due to Environmental Policy in China, all production lines of Chip Resistors will be moved from Suzhou factory to Taiwan factory.
  2. For better manufacturing management and increase productivity, the production line of CN series will be moved to Taiwan Chang-Xing facility.
  3. Due to currently production method of Side-Electrode of CN series is using sputtering process, sputtering process have to use clean solvent and masking paste, that produce waste solution and waste paste.
  4. In order to reduce environmental pollution and increase productivity, the production method for Side-Electrode of CN series will be changed from Sputtering Process to Roller Coating Process.
  5. Roller Coating has better condition to meet Environment Rules, more efficiency and quality management.

Implementation Date:2019 / 04 / 01

Implementation Product:

CN series

Package Identification:

CN series

Change Content:

  1. Production lines of CN series in Taiwan Chang-Xing facility by Roller Coating process will be started by 2019/4/1.
  2. The last production date of Sputtering Process in Suzhou factory is 2019/9/30.
  3. We can accept last order of CN series by Sputtering Process on 2019/6/30.
  4. Except of Roller Coating Process, the SOP and equipments of other process in Taiwan Chang-Xing facility follows same standard and equipments in Suzhou factory, we do testing to make sure the quality met the requirement and specification.