TA-I Technology


Quality Policy

TA-I is the pioneer of chip resistor manufacturing in Taiwan. Based on advanced technology and a strong management team, TA-I has earned a reputation for meeting customer needs through good service and competitive pricing.Customer satisfaction and reliable quality will always be the goals of TA-I. TA-I will continuously work and grow with its customers.

HSF Policy

Customer satisfaction
Compliance with regulations
Compliance with
Green products
Green products
Continuous improvement

EHS Policy

  • TA-I commitment implementing Environment Safety Health performance improvement continually,Environmental pollution prevention, and injury revention of OccupationalHealth Safety.
  • TA-I commitment complying with Environment Safety Health laws and other relatedrequests.
  • Censor Environment Safety Health goal and accomplishment regularly.
  • TA-I have already advocated environment policy to employees and stakeholder.
  • TA-I have already advocated Occupational Health Safety policy to employees.
  • Declare Environment Safety Health policy to stakeholder and society.
  • Implementing waste disposal, reduce, recycle and reuse.
  • Save water and energy.
  • Achieve no significant occupational injury.